In this previous post, we talked about the significance of metabolism.  There is one good reasons to stop obsessing over “killing the bugs” and it involves metabolism. In short, metabolism is a chemical process in our cells that produces energy for our bodies. Metabolic rate is how fast we use energy. A low metabolic rate reduces immunity, slows digestion, releases stress hormones, and worsens leaky gut,  ultimately down-regulating immunity and increasing inflammation. Cool?

(I’m not affiliated with Matt Stone whatsoever but he has a free book on metabolism if you would like more details.)

If you suffer from fatigue, brain fog, constipation, food sensitivities, frequent urination, insomnia, cold hands and feet or a temperature under 97.8 degrees Fahrenheit, not to mention LYME DISEASE, you probably have a slow metabolism.

So what’s the 1 good reason to stop obsessing over “killing the bugs”?


It doesn’t make sense to fixate on killing the bugs when your metabolism can barely tolerate the food and herbs needed to eliminate and repair crap. More importantly, low metabolism increases inflammation.

Lyme disease is an infection that thrives in an inflammatory environment. 

The immune system releases proteins called cytokines. Some are anti-inflammatory (yay) and some are pro-inflammatory (boo). Acute inflammation is created as a healing response. However, Lyme and co-infections chronically produce pro-inflammatory cytokines (double boo) and suppress anti-inflammatory cytokines.

Chronic inflammation is what breaks down tissue like collagen so the BACTERIA CAN USE IT AS FOOD (mmm…food).

Let me repeat that: Thanks to chronic inflammation, bacteria EAT our catabolized tissue and thrive. Not to mention this causes muscle wasting and heart and brain problems.

Take away the inflammation by increasing metabolism and you make your body not only less arthritic and feeble, but you bankrupt the all-you-can-eat bug buffet. Killing the bugs with antimicrobials may be part of the healing process, but nothing will help your body keep the infection at bay like a strong immune system. Antibiotics do a lot, but they sure as hell don’t strengthen immunity.

Mycoplasma depends on inflammation and immune dysregulation to thrive…Babesia and bartonella depend on inflammation and immune dysregulation to infect red  blood cells…Ehrlichia and anaplasma depend on inflammation and immune dysregulation to  infect white blood cells….Lyme disease depends on inflammation to deteriorate collagen into bug meal….

Strengthen your immune system, inhibit inflammation, and protect red blood cells and the bugs begin to die without even obsessing over killing them.

Next time, we will talk about the causes of poor metabolism and how to increase your metabolism. Increase your metabolism or your tick-slaying efforts will be undermined. Increase your metabolism and you can increase immunity, speed digestion, reduce cortisol, and improve leaky gut,  ultimately decreasing inflammation. We can make our bodies less bug-friendly, even without antibiotics.

By acknowledging a healthy metabolism as one good reason to stop obsessing over “killing the bugs” you can start focusing on working with your body instead of against it.

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