The Ultimate Rant On Lyme Disease

The Ultimate Rant About Lyme Disease
The Ultimate Rant About Lyme


My colleague, Joey Lott, and I have a private forum where members give us all-embracing feedback on our book draft. The book we intend to write will demonstrate the obstacles and approaches to recovering from Lyme, touching on each angle of its controversy, and as we continue to get feedback, I’ve realized two things:

One: that we need to make room for a section on healthy skepticism and encourage research without encouraging solid self-diagnoses.

And two: that I need to personalize my writing, even dare express my opinions because, apparently, people want to know them.

I’ve written plenty about the pros and cons of long term antibiotic usage for Lyme and co, for example, here and here, and I’ve even made it clear that I opted to not take antibiotics for my illness – and still my readers are not sure what my opinion about antibiotics is! It kind of blows my mind that I can write so much about one subject without making my conclusions known. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad thing but apparently it is a thing.

I’ll attempt to do both here. My first real “opinion piece.” No textbooks harmed in the making of this article. (more…)

I’m In Remission! Now What?

I’m In Remission! Now What? 

Hold your horses.

Take it slow. Don’t forget about how sick you were. You just started to feel good. Hold off on the tequila shots and first consider your exit strategy.

Not Knowing Where To Stop

Everyone has different treatment plans, and different levels of luck I might add. The amount of time it takes to reach remission can take anywhere from a month to years to a lifetime. And you’d be shocked at how quickly some people get better on the cheaper more simple protocols and how others attack their infections with every resource they’ve got to see zero improvements. (more…)

Lyme: Not Knowing Who To Trust Part 2

Not Knowing Who To Trust Part 1 received a lot of positive feedback. It went over the ebbs and flows of trust and distrust that we have in ourselves and our doctors to pinpoint what on earth is happening to our bodies when we’re sick. Lyme: Not Knowing Who To Trust Part 2 is a follow up to that, and it’s aim is to help you become a better researcher and ultimately a super awesome advocate for your own health.

Trusting Your Research

Even after you have learned to ~trust yourself and ~divide autonomy over your health with your well-meaning cute lil’ 80 year old doctor, there is another problem: no one really knows how to treat Lyme Disease!

The sad reality is that even successful Lyme literate doctors have not had success with many-to-most of their patients. Each individual is different, and even if the protocol to a cure was written in stone, it wouldn’t help every complex case of Lyme Disease.

Lyme Disease is unexplored territory. Some of us have general practitioners who don’t know much about Lyme, while some of us see Lyme specialists. Either way I think it’s important to do independent research and learn about your disease. Like I said earlier, relying on “that one thing” or any one doctor can be practically, emotionally and financially hazardous. You may be seeing a Lyme expert, but no one will do customary research for your case like you can.

That is, if you do your research effectively. (more…)

Lyme: Not Knowing Who To Trust Part 1

7 lessons from BetterHealthGuy

Lyme: Not Knowing Who To Trust Part 1

It’s typical for Lyme patients to lose trust: in themselves, in their doctors, and ultimately, in the belief that there is anyone out there who actually knows how to cure Lyme Disease. Here’s a typical path to distrust we take:

One, In Ourselves

It’s not uncommon for diagnoses of chronic illnesses to take months or even years. “What’s wrong with me?” is usually where the self-doubt begins. In that time, a lot of doctors try and succeed at convincing their patients that they are just depressed. If one doctor after another keep telling you “it’s all in your head,” you’re probably going to start wondering if you can trust your own ole’ self. Sadly, a lot of us are forced to ask ourselves, “Am I crazy?” before we finally get a diagnosis and sign of some sort that, no, we are not.

Two, In Our Doctors

Losing trust in the medical system tends to follow next. How can we trust the doctors that overlooked Lyme Disease as a possible reason for our years of suffering? Once we find doctors that are “Lyme literate,” some of us often feel like we’ve found a savior, later to realize their treatments cost of thousands without helping – and sometimes even harming us further. “Should I be herxing for this long?” is a question we might ask our doctors at this point, and if they say we should, then we might follow this question up with, “What if my doctor would rather me stay sick so that I keep buying antibiotics off of her/him?” Questioning doctors and medical institutions is basically a rite of passage in the Lyme community.

Three, In The Research (more…)

If You Have Lyme, You Don’t Need Adverse Drug Reactions, Too

Herxing, poppin’ pills that interact with each other, and not knowing when to back off on the antibiotics: these are just some of a Lymies everyday problems!


A Herxheimer reaction – better known as a herx – is a detoxification reaction to a treatment. Let’s say a treatment is working: this means that the infection is dying off. It also means that you are now left with dead bacteria in your system. When using substances or treatments that kill infections, we sometimes do not detoxify the dead debris as quickly as we kill the infection. In theory, a herx can occur from this backed up detoxification, and flu-like symptoms will follow for a few days or weeks. Some herx-like symptoms include body pains, sweating or chills, nausea and fatigue. (more…)

How A Chronic Illness Can Impact A Relationship


How A Chronic Illness Can Impact A Relationship

Lyme isn’t your burden alone. Everyone close to you will be affected. Here are just a few obstacles that you and your relationships can go through when you have Lyme or any chronic illness.

Not Knowing How You’re Relationships Will Evolve

Oh yes, love.

BFF’s for life.

Relationships are complicated enough for healthy people. A chronic illness can impact a relationship day in and day out.

We can’t walk away from our own physical debilities, but our loved ones can if they so choose. There is a fear that being sick will break our relationships apart, or prevent us from starting new ones. I’ve read enough relationship psychology to recognize that fear is a part of healthy relationships, too. And I’ve lived at least long enough to figure out that no one can predict the future. Obstacles can strengthen relationships and yes, they can break them. The beauty of being sick is that it makes us extra grateful for those that choose to stand by us, and grateful, too, to see the wrong people walk away.

This section will putter through a few issues with Lyme’s impact on relationships. (more…)

Having Lyme, Holding a Job

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I think you’ll be reading a lot more from me, as I am working on a second book (you can read the first one here). My goal is to write something that prepares people for the hardships of Lyme, not necessarily something that endorses the latest protocol.

I hope the next book is received as well as the first one.

I think it will be, because I am getting a lot of help on it from people a lot wiser and more experienced than myself. And the more the merrier – if you’d like to contribute, please do.

One thing that I’d like to include in the second book is a section on obstacles involved in maintaining a job, changing jobs, or making the decision not to work.

Please comment below with your story, especially if you have first hand experience with this issue that can help others. If you would like your story or advice published, say so in the comments section or send me an email at yessington_at_itsnotjustlyme_dot_com.

Having Lyme, Holding a Job

What type of job accommodates my unpredictable health? (more…)

Lyme Disease Protocols: Where To Start

 Possibility directions. Choice for easy way or hard way.Lyme Disease Protocols: Where To Start

By the time I had been diagnosed with Lyme Disease I had spent years seeing specialists who’d greet me with shrugged shoulders and send me away with more questions than answers. When I was finally diagnosed with Lyme Disease, I was relieved to have a label to my symptoms, terrified about ending up in a wheelchair and overwhelmed by the unknown all at once. First, there was the issue of not knowing much about my own disease. I knew much of my time was about to be spent researching something I’d prefer to know nothing about (even though years later I actually quite love researching infectious diseases). And when I did start looking into my disease, it got confusing really fast. Between the doctors disregarding the existence of Lyme, the dispute between protocols and the conspiracy theories, I was pretty pissed off that of all things, this was my ultimate sentence. (more…)

It’s Not Just Lyme – The BOOK SERIES!

it's not just lyme - cover (for web)

I am proud to present to you It’s Not Just Lyme: It’s Your Metabolism: Understanding the Metabolism’s Role in Fighting Chronic Infections (The Remission Series Book 1) – my first ever book on Lyme Disease. I hope you read it and benefit from it. Thank you for following me, giving me your feedback and teaching me more than I ever thought I’d know about medicine and health.

Please purchase It’s Not Just Lyme: The Book! even if it means waiting until Sunday, December 4, 2015 when I am promoting it for FREE. I mean, my audience is pretty health-broke so it’s the least I could do.

If you want to know more about it, here is the book blurb:

Lyme disease is reaching endemic proportions yet remains a mystery. How can we know what to do when even top experts cannot come to a consensus on key questions: Do recurring symptoms indicate Chronic Lyme or Post Lyme? Is “Herxing” a good thing? Can the infection be completely eradicated with antibiotics? How about herbs? Diet? The conflicting advice often leaves patients afflicted by multiple symptoms years into treatment. 

Want to read something authentic, transparent and different than your ordinary book on Lyme? Metabolism – a hugely underrated aspect of Lyme recovery – is the breakdown and build-up of all sorts of things such as nutrients, drugs, and muscles. It correlates with better digestion, nutrient absorption, cellular communication, endocrine and hormone function, body temperature regulation, drug n’ bug detoxification, immunity and more. This book will explain how a healthy metabolism can strengthen your constitution, helping you get to – and stay in – remission.

Independent medical researcher Yessi Young has an immense understanding of this debilitating illness that stems from a background in research and a personal history of living with Lyme disease. In this no-fluff book, she advocates science-based, practical, affordable, and personalized ways to get into remission and stay there. Young’s crude humor will surely keep you engaged from start to finish.

I hope you find value in this book, and if so, please share your reviews with Amazon and other Lyme patients.