Why Yoga?

I’ve practiced yoga on and off for years. When I’m on, I feel my best. Mentally. Physically. Flexibly. My hips cause me a lot of grief, but the pain melts away when I’m on my yoga game.

There are lots of obvious health benefits to yoga, but there are two glorious reasons in particular why yoga is key.


yoga for lyme

First, yoga connects you to your body. Lyme patients sometimes try to disconnect from their bodies and all the pain that comes along with them, but this isn’t always a good thing. In my own experience, living in my head and avoiding my body with painkillers has caused damage that I could have avoided, How? Instead of seeing a relapse coming, I don’t know it’s their until it’s too late.

Yoga is this awesome experience where you hold poses that require some physical effort, and a lot of mental effort. But effort to let go and observe your body. Effort to relax into yourself. I find that when I do yoga on the reg, my judgment of where I’m at on the spectrum of remission and relapse is clearer, and even if I do experience pain, its easier to carry.

yoga for lyme

I recently went to a yoga retreat in Portugal. Ah, yes, thinking about it now brings fond memories. I spent 4 hours a day there practicing yoga and meditation. I had never been so well postured, agile, zen! This was my first trip away in 6 years. I had developed a phobia of travelling after getting sick. As you may know, being sick can create a sort of codependency of your medicine cabinet, not to mention a fear of things getting worse instead of better.

Well, I am happy to say that my first trip away from home since I had gotten since was a success. The daily yoga, which made me focus on body posture and alignment, relax tension in my head and practice gratitude-filled awareness for the moment really set a great foundation for the rest of my vacation. For another two months, I backpacked through Europe like a dirty, filthy hobo, the way I like to travel. I drank Guinness everyday for two weeks in Ireland, hiked, and strayed from my food restrictions. I honestly think that the day days of my life that revolved around yoga strengthened my constitution enough to allow for the trip that followed without any relapsed or colds. The pure excitement and adrenaline surely helped, too.

Have you tried yoga?

Now that I am home, it’s been hard to keep up with yoga classes in my city. I was eager to copy the experience I had at the retreat, but found that yoga classes in the city were more intensive and fat-burning-based than I like them.

The at Home Solution: Yoga 4 Healing

I found Yoga for Healing searching for something I can do from home. The instructor is encouraging and fun to follow. There are 7 guided yoga practices and a workbook (the yoga practices are what’s key).

Newbies, this is a a really good intro to yoga. Lymies, this is a really good intro to increasing your immunity and long-lost strength.

This program is made for you if:

  • You want to explore a more gentle style of yoga
  • You are recovering from an illness
  • You would love to have a down to earth yoga instructor that doesn’t take herself too seriously
  • You are ready to take this next step toward your health and happiness
Yoga for Healing Lyme
Yoga For Healing is an online program made for the healing journey

Click Here! This is a link to a vid of the instructor, Tera Bucasas, explaining the program.


Yoga is my way of staying in shape, mentally and physically, and for me it’s a way that accommodates my handicaps. The most important thing I hope readers takeaway however, is to move and chill out. Don’t be afraid of the sensations in your body and pay attention to them – they could be telling you something. Stretch, calm your mind, and test your muscles – gently. Yoga incorporates ALL of this, and that’s why it’s the idea workout for people living with Lyme Disease. If you have the discipline to, by all means invent your own program! Do some lunges in the kitchen, stretch in the shower, meditate in bed, do what you’ve gotta do. If you want to get all of that in one nice session, yoga!

 Feel free to reach out to me if you want to try the yoga for healing challenge, and I’ll join ya.

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