Why you need to pay attention to your T helper cells

Why TH1 and TH2 matter

Hello world! Let’s talk about something you may not have heard of: TH1 vs TH2. Balancing them is something I see people disregard despite the evidence being out there. I’m pretty confident about the results you can achieve by doing a bit of investigation and experimentation in balancing these.

Okay, some basics:

  • T helper cells are white blood cells that recognize and attack antigens, or if they are stupid, your own tissue in your body.
  • TH1 cells create an immediate immune response.
  • TH2 cells delay an immune response..
  • TH1 cells deploy natural killer cells/cytotoxic T cells that are responsible for killing invaders.
  • TH2 cells deploy B-cells that are responsible for tagging intruders (sort of like taking a picture of a criminal and posting “most wanted” signs around a community so that others can keep a look out).

If one is too abundant problems arise.

Without enough TH1 cells, the immune system acts helpless and sluggish. Without enough TH2 cells, your immune system is like a blind-folded hyper child trying to hit a piñata and causing collateral damage in the process.

Which one do you think over-elevates when living with Lyme Disease?

Most chronically sick people have too much of one or the other, and it is usually TH1 that is elevated.

Chronic infections, Type I Diabetes, MS, and Hashimoto’s are 4 things that almost guarantee elevated TH1. Lupus, dermatitis, asthma and chemical sensitivities tend to elevate TH2.

SO how do we investigate?

Here is some bloodwork that can help determine which one is elevated.

For TH1 elevation: IL-2, IL-12, TNFa, and Interferon

For TH2 elevation: IL-4, IL-13, and IL-10


And how do we fix it?

This is some fun advice. I’m going to recommend some do’s and don’ts that some people may find ridiculous, but this is one thing I am
pretty cocky about since I have seen it work with people I know and so have Lyme specialists I know and hold in high regard.

Here it is: stimulate the non-dominant side. Mind blowing, right!?

TH1 stimulants: astragalus, Echinacea, mushrooms, licorice, lemon balm, goldenseal

TH2 stimulants: caffeine (hell ya!), grape seed extract, pine bark, white willow bark, lycopene, resveratrol, pycnogenol

I cut out all TH1 stimulants (things that boost the immune system) because I saw my immunity as that dumb kid missing the piñata.

Adding coffee to my diet was not only helpful, but very pleasurable. Mmm, coffee.

Some other things: probiotics, vitamin A, vitamin E and colostrum are apparently TH1:TH2 modulators. Always start with food before substituting with supplements.

Also, if you have TH1:TH2 problems, the thyroid is something to investigate as well. Learn more about why.

TH1 and TH2 are T helper cells, like many things in life, require a balanced ratio in order to lay a solid foundation for remission. There is not a lot of easily accessible info on the subject, even though plenty of research has been done. So, the above is me trying to break it down for you; if you would like to, you can use this advice to do your own investigation and experimentation. Shoot me an email at yessington@outlook.com to let me know how it goes.


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