Ozone therapy involves taking out a small amount of blood, ozonizing it, and returning it back into the body.

I’m starting this treatment for 6 weeks. The more research I do, the more promising it sounds.

We think antioxidants are good and oxidants are bad, but ozone oxidizes the blood so how is it healing?

  1. It works like a vaccine. With vaccines, a slightly different form of an infection is injected into the body, causing an immune response. Like vaccines, you are injecting a slightly different form of infection (which changes when adding an oxygen to them) into your body when ozone is used. The result is a different immune response. It:
  • Activates immunocompetent cells.
  • Activates red cell metabolism so that you get more oxygen dumping in the tissue.
  • Releases a molecule called NAD+ which comes from vitamin B3.
  • Activates enzymatic antioxidant status, increasing levels of SOD, catalase and glutathione.
  • Increases nitric oxide levels.
  • Increases the synthesis of cytokines and interferons that modulate immunity and stimulate the regeneration of tissue.
  • Decreases IgE (related to allergies), relieving asthma.

2. It works like an antimicrobial and antiviral. It:

  • Contains peroxides that break down biofilm.
  • Makes tumor cells less aggressive.
  • Increases hydrogen peroxide.
  • Punches a whole in the membrane of bacteria.
  • Inactivates viruses 10x faster than chlorine

It’s good for:

  • Infections and viruses
  • Cancer
  • Arthritis
  • Intestinal problems
  • Geriatric conditions
  • Lumbar disc disease
  • Arterial circulatory problems
  • External ulcers and skin lesions like acne

Oxidation therapy was born in 1918 during the influenza outbreak. A physician in India named Oliver was treating the viral influenza with IV hydrogen peroxide, cutting the death rate by 50 percent. But hydrogen peroxide tends to damage veins, and other therapies like ozone, UV and vitamin C are also oxidants. Dr. Robert Rowen believes oxygen is the most important factor in healing.


  • In a 1980 study in Germany of 644 therapists who treated 384,000 patients, the accident rate was 0.087%, almost always from IV ozone.
  • Because it is your own blood, you won’t get an autoimmune reaction like you may with vaccines.



https://www.youtube.com/user/RobertRowenMD (testimonials)


Update: it worked 😉


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  1. How many treatments, how much each for those of us ddropped by Big Insurance? What about the Ozone tent device for whole body immersion? I’d like to do one, but the least expensive.

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