Sometimes it’s hard to be so optimistic when you are chronically ill. When I argue that adversity is a gift, Lyme patients will argue right back that temporary adversity is one thing but chronic adversity is far worse. So, let’s say you’re not feeling optimistic. Maybe you’re feeling morbid? Luckily, stand up comedians are pretty morbid themselves.

When I am sad about something and optimism is nowhere in sight, I YouTube “stand up comedy and __insert what you are sad about__.” It’s nice to be able to make fun of yourself, but if it’s too hard at the moment, let the comedians do it for you:

Warning: these videos have offensive language. Enjoy!

Bo Burnham explaining why comedy is for sad people:

Louis CK:

Daddy Tazz making fun of his mental illness:

In your darkest hour can you make fun of yourself?

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