I owe a huge part of my success to the mentors in my life who have coached me tLyme Coachinghrough my darkest days.  So now I would like to provide coaching for you.

Coaching topics can Include:

  • Questions to ask your doctor(s)
  • Picking a protocol
  • Diet and exercise for Lyme patients
  • Understanding bloodwork
  • Supplementation for various health concerns
  • Holding a job
  • Alternative job options
  • Informal chatter about living with Lyme
  • My personal strategies to stay in remission

You can share as much or as little information with me as possible. Some people send me copies of their bloodwork…some people just call to talk informally and gain some inspiration. All I ask is that if you have the means, please do make a donation to my secure paypal link. No matter how big or small, every bit helps to keep this website alive.

CNPA Certificate

These consultations are intended to educate and mentor, as well as motivate self-advocacy. I am a Certified Natural Product Advisor, a Lyme warrior and a good listener! But I am not a doctor, and I encourage you to consult a trusted doctor before implementing any protocol changes discussed between us. Consultations are confidential.


To set up a consultation please book a time with me.Book a Call!

After you have done that I will email you confirming our phone session. Now all you have to do is reply to my email to let me know what your Skype name is! And if also you want to email me some information that you want to go over that would be grand.

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