I owe a huge part of my success to the mentors in my life who have coached me tLyme Coachingthrough my darkest days.  So I decided I would give back and provide coaching services free of charge.

Coaching topics included:

  • Questions to ask your doctor(s)
  • Picking a protocol
  • Diet and exercise for Lyme patients
  • Understanding bloodwork
  • Supplementation for various health concerns
  • Holding a job
  • Alternative job options
  • Informal chatter about living with Lyme
  • My personal strategies to stay in remission
CNPA Certificate

These consultations were intended to educate and mentor, as well as motivate self-advocacy. I am a Certified Natural Product Advisor, a Lyme warrior and a good listener! But I am not a doctor, and I encourage you to consult a trusted doctor before implementing any protocol changes discussed between us. Consultations are confidential.


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UPDATE: As of 2017-12-18

I am, for personal and financial reasons, restricting consultations to one a day. Please email me if you have any questions.

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