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Affordable to buy!

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Here are years of research, qualifications, and my own personal experience living with Lyme Disease. I’ve wrapped it up in one pretty package. Learn why it’s the BEST Book to read if you have Lyme Disease. We think it might be the best book to read if you have Lyme Disease.

It’s Not Just Lyme: It’s Your Metabolism is a short info-packed read for anyone who:

  • needs a final boost in their recovery.
  • can’t seem to stay in recovery.
  • wants to learn how to strengthen their metabolism to help them fight chronic infections.
  • has plateaued and is looking for a new angle.

Want to read something authentic, transparent and different than your ordinary book on Lyme?

Don’t let the unoriginal title fool you; this book is full of refreshing info that you haven’t read in the other top-selling books on Lyme. What you will get out (besides a laugh) is a burning desire to recover along with new, affordable and effective tools to do so.

Metabolism – a hugely underrated aspect of Lyme recovery – is the breakdown and build-up of all sorts of things such as nutrients, drugs, and muscles. It correlates with better digestion, nutrient absorption, cellular communication, endocrine and hormone function, body temperature regulation, drug n’ bug detoxification, immunity and more.

Learn how your metabolism:

  • works.
  • affects your thyroid, reproductive hormones and adrenals.
  • aids your immune system.
  • increases energy.
  • ties into your digestive system.
  • assists your cellular communication.
  • affects your mitochondria.
  • and more.

Lyme disease is reaching endemic proportions yet remains a mystery.

How can we know what to do when even top experts cannot come to a consensus on key questions: Do reoccurring symptoms indicate Chronic Lyme or Post Lyme? Is “Herxing” a good thing? Can the infection be completely eradicated with antibiotics? How about herbs? Diet? The conflicting advice often leaves patients afflicted by multiple symptoms years into treatment.

This book will explain how a healthy metabolism can strengthen your constitution, helping you get to – and stay in – remission.

Check out the reviews on Amazon! Sit down for an hour or two and soak up the entirety of this small powerful book. Buy it now for the lowest price Amazon would let me price it at. And if you like it, please kindly share and review it yourself.

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