For anyone resistant to taking the leap, I have copped some information from CLDS2 to show you an inside look at the 2nd Chronic Lyme Disease Summit.

The most important thing to know is who is speaking, so let’s break it down!

Day 1:

Jay Davidson, Philip Blair, Scott Forsgren (BetterHealthGuy), James Maskell, and Wayne Anderson will be speaking. These are FREE to listen to and will only be accessible if you register and watch them at the online summit, and some topics will be covered by these guys will include the concensus on CBD oil, upgrading Lyme protocols (and how), where Lyme med research is going, and an overview of Lyme in general!

Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 2

Day 2:

Klinghardt is worth attending alone (in my opinion). Here about his funky, quirky, progressive, mad-scientist methods and observations about Lyme and Lyme patients. Leslie Douglas will enlighten you about your epigenetics: how your DNA affects your progress and how to use your DNA to support your progress. Sarah Ballantyne and Tyna Moore will talk about taking a holistic approach to Lyme, which is kind of what this blog sports here. Jonathan Streit will discuss neurological issues – which a lot of us cope with – and testing that anyone dealing in this realm should consider.

Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 2

Day 3:

Evan Hirsch and Shayne Morris will nerdĀ out with the biology of Borrelia (Lyme). Amy Derksen will talk about non-antibiotic treatments for kids (if you want to start learning about the dangers of antibiotics start here). Dave Ou and Greg Lee will be there too, and will explain, in their own customized ways, how Traditional Chinese Medicine principles can be incorporated into treatment.

Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 2

Day 4:

It’s not just Lyme; parasites, heavy metals and biofilm are other factors that prevent remission and these will be covered on day 4! Katie Dahlgreen, Dan Pompa, Todd Watts and Issac Eliaz have lots to say about these topics. Finally, Darin Ingels will cover Low Dose Immunotherapy (LDI)…which I have actually never heard of before, so I will definitely be checking that out.

Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 2

Day 5:

EMFs, mitochondria, inflammation and thyroid issues will be covered on day 5. Listen to Tim Jackson, Jerod Berman, Isabella Wentz, Joette Calibrese, and Dave Jernigan for lessons in these issues, not to mentions unique approaches to dealing with them.

Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 2

Day 6:

Hmm, the “microbiome of your mouth” is awfully specific, and you can here all about it from Gerry Curatola and Jonathan Landsman on day 6! Jill Carnahan will talk about CIRS. Christine Schaffner and Diane Capaldi will talk about healing your brain and your mind.

Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 2

Day 7:

Jon Butcher will cover a touchy subject: relationships and how they are affected by Lyme (I cover it, too, here!) And the rest of day 7 will get pretty real, with Keesha Ewers, Kim D’Eramo, Dana Walsh, Brent Martin, and Sarah Sanchez all covering topics in the real of mindset. This might be the most important day to attend, since I’d say most of us break at one point through this stubborn illness.

Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 2

Day 8 is the one day you will be able to replay whatever you missed.

Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 2

So what do you have to lose? My only concern is TMI (too much information) hurting my brain, but I’ll attend because I know I will learn SOMETHING valuable, maybe even something life-changing!

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