Healthy is simple

The simpler I get, the healthier I get. I read that today floating around the online health community.

It has been a month since I last posted anything. My life has been free of Lyme symptoms for almost a year now, yet I have made a promise to myself and to you to continue my research. I’ve already come this far, so without further ado here is a quick note on simplicity. This month I will post new articles, some on diet restriction controversies, and one on a subject entirely beside health that nonetheless can teach some good lessons about fighting chronic illness. Can you guess what subject I am talking about?

So, healthy is simple. It seems so complicated, with the research, diet restrictions, and feelings of being left out of the fun. But I actually see it as a refreshing way to get back to a better time, and be a role model for other people.

If it wasn’t for my struggle with the stubborn infection the Lyme is, I would not be writing this. The struggle made me a particular kind of high-maintenance person and yet more humble and environmental.

My food and other products are more expensive than they used to be, but more often they are local and more contain few ingredients. I don’t panic if I eat a few gummy bears or genetically modified wings, I just don’t do it all the time. I see what my “healthy” counterparts eat, I look at the ingredients and wonder why they aren’t more conscious of what is going into their bodies. And it’s not like it is cost effective to buy a lot of those snacks, as that is all they are – snacks.

I’m not judging anyone. Eat what you want! But there is a silver lining to being a health junkie. Fewer ingredients, more quality and supporting environmental working groups are just some reasons to be happy that you do what you do to stay healthy, despite whatever adversities you have gone through to become this way.

To finish off, I copped this from Mercola‘s page. Don’t get too anal about this stuff, but I hope you absorb some good info from this.

personal care products

Your skin is your largest organ, and anything you put on it should contain only the best and safest ingredients from nature. So before slathering lotion or body wash on your skin, take a look at this infographic on toxic chemicals found in personal care products. Discover these common yet deadly chemicals and how they can potentially sabotage your health and well-being.

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