4 Ways to Find Balance in an Unbalanced World of Chronic Illness

A guest post about balance, By KJ Barber 🙂

Have you been living a life of with a chronic illness, such as Lyme Disease, kidney failure, or diabetes? Or, are you the caregiver to someone who has? If so, then you probably already know that a chronic illness can throw your life way off balance. Through my husband’s diagnosis of kidney failure, our family was abruptly thrown into a whirlwind, of what seemed to be heading to our new “normal”. A horrible, unbalanced normal. But, did it have to be that way?

I knew we didn’t stand a chance to find balance, as long as we were consumed with the doom and gloom, overload of information, medical bills, and everything else that goes along with a chronic illness. No, our family needed to find some balance. So, I thought of ways to help us find it…not ignore the war we are now up against, because that’s impossible. But, revitalizing our strength so we can fight…and live again.

Finding Balance Chronic Illness

If you have been thrown into the unbalanced stages of chronic illness, maybe the following can help you too…

1. Find a Spot of Serenity

Chronic Illness Finding Peace

For me, I have always felt at peace in the sand dunes overlooking one of the Great Lakes. The natural beauty is enough to transcend me into a different realm. Nothing else exists for me at that point. However, you might not have access to the dunes. So, find a spot that works for you. For example, a friend often drives to a quiet area near the airport, and simply watches the planes land and take off. It’s her spot to find peace, and dream again.

2. Tune in to Tune Out

Music has always been my escape, as it can make or break any mood. In some of my darkest moments, I have tuned into some upbeat music, turned up the volume, and just danced. It’s invigorating, good for the soul, and great exercise! I have also played soothing instrumental music, turned the lights out, and simply drifted…to nowhere, actually.

Finding Balance with a Chronic illness3. Dive into Inspirational Quotes

Reading inspirational quotes, or a book, is a great way to de-stress. One I just read the other day by Albert Einstein is short and sweet: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” And, it is so true! Keep moving, if not emotionally, do so physically, until your emotions can catch up. Go for a walk, or a beautiful scenic ride. And, tell yourself daily, to just keep moving.

Balance Einstein4. Allow Others to Help

I must admit, I struggle with this one a lot! Many people have offered to help us, and I just say “thank you”, rather than take them up on it. Unfortunately, the offers dry up when you keep putting them off. Whether it’s because they start thinking you must not need help, or they tire of rejection, offers eventually stop. So, the next time someone offers to make you dinner, run an errand, or help in any way, accept it. And, don’t just accept it. Pinpoint a time and way they can help. Or, it will never happen. Accepting help, even the smallest gesture, frees up time to do more of the things listed above.

If these ideas don’t work for you, find your own. The important thing is to find balance in your lives, or it will consume you, and your energy will be so depleted, you won’t be able to fight back. And, you need to…your family needs you to as well.

How do you find balance

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