CD57: the types of testing, and whether or not it means Lyme biz

I gathered some info to explain CD57 and it seems like at least according to the sources I looked at briefly that this marker is a decent indicator of Lyme. But it could be other things, too. I’m thinking some sort of infection. Your doc will dig deeper before making a diagnosis.

I don’t think it matters if it’s Lyme or some other chronic infection; CD57+ does not become low if not for a tired/low immune system. Which is why I say don’t panic! Because zen is good for immunity! And if you are not sure yet what your CD57 results mean, consider holding off on antibiotics and instead try some herbs that are both antimicrobial and immune boosting. You can always incorporate antibiotics later. But if you jump to them immediately, while your CD57+ is low, it might eradicate 99% of an infection but dip your CD57+ even lower and then leave your body without an army of immune fighters and defenceless against that 1% remaining infection. I think some of my friends have gotten themselves into a hole by resorting directly to abx, making infections antibiotic resistant, all while lowering immune function more and giving themselves worse gut issues.

Let’s say, God forbid you do have a chronic infection..well, it’s been there a while so what’s the rush? So much to tackle – immunity is powerful.

Rant Time

And just ranting now – I think that everyone has bacteria hanging around in our bodies, from old strep and staph infections, etc, it’s just that some of us don’t consistently metabolize it and then we end up in a losing battle. Maybe with all the stress your body has been under, you just have not been able to fight off what bugs (Lyme or other, it doesn’t matter) you usually have under control.

If I’m right (and I could be totally off) then trying to reduce inflammation. Try sleeping well, staying warm, and getting nourishment; considering an antimicrobial protocol with a probiotic could be a nice concoction.

CD57 Explained

Anyways I will write a bit about what the heck CD57+ means based on what I’ve learned, and it might help to know the bit below about the 2 different kinds of CD57+ tests:

CD stands for “cluster designation”, – CD cells act as identifying markers. Cells have thousands of different identifying markers, or CDs. Humans have named about 200 of them, and CD57 is simply the 57th identified identifying marker.

A low CD57 count on natural killer (NK) cells has been associated with chronic Lyme. We still don’t know why Lyme disease patients have low CD57 counts, but other illnesses sometimes confused with Lyme (i.e. lupus and MS) are NOT associated with a low CD57.

It is important to note that there is a difference between CD57+ T-cells and CD57+ NK cells. Make sure your doc is testing the CD57 involving NK cells, which are the ones that correlate with chronic Lyme disease.

A standard normal range for the CD57 NK count is 60 to 360 cells per microliter of blood. Less than 60 strongly suggests a Lyme infection.

I hope you figure out what’s going on and find a few helpful things for your inflammation and CD57. Summer sun should help, and patience and self-compassion. Being sick is a good excuse to be selfish, pamper yourself and get in touch with your body. I’m here to answer questions, too. Good luck!

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