My Book Summary:

“Lyme disease is reaching endemic proportions yet remains a mystery. How can we know what to do when even top experts cannot come to a consensus on key questions: Do reoccurring symptoms indicate Chronic Lyme or Post Lyme? Is “Herxing” a good thing? Can the infection be completely eradicated with antibiotics? How about herbs? Diet? The conflicting advice often leaves patients afflicted by multiple symptoms years into treatment.

Want to read something authentic, transparent and different than your ordinary book on Lyme? Metabolism – a hugely underrated aspect of Lyme recovery – is the breakdown and build-up of all sorts of things such as nutrients, drugs, and muscles. It correlates with better digestion, nutrient absorption, cellular communication, endocrine and hormone function, body temperature regulation, drug n’ bug detoxification, immunity and more.

This book will explain how a healthy metabolism can strengthen your constitution, helping you get to – and stay in – remission. Independent medical researcher Yessi Young has an immense understanding of this debilitating illness that stems from a background in research and a personal history of living with Lyme disease. In this no-fluff book, she advocates science-based, practical, affordable, and personalized ways to get into remission and stay there. Young’s crude humor will surely keep you engaged from start to finish.”

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