7 lessons from betterhealthguy

This is a post about 7 lessons from BetterHealthGuy that helped me. There is a lot more where this came from on betterhealthguy.com

BetterHealthGuy has a real name. It’s Scott. Like me, he was in his twenties when he started his health-investigation with over 20 specialists. In his relentless search he discovered a whole host of infections and autoimmune conditions. He had a lot of work ahead.

He was disciplined; he tried IV’s, experimental therapies, and eliminating fruit and wheat for years. He was also hopeful and thirsty for knowledge, and that is why, I think, he has attracted so many people to his website.

He finally felt better, but it was not long until he got sick again. “It seemed all too familiar, and yet, it was no less frightening.” This time around, he had become allergic to all sorts of foods and meds. This seemed like a gift and a curse, because he discovered energetic medicine and autonomic response testing and has since suggested it to others.


So, the first lesson from BHG: energetic testing works.

Energetic testing is something that the general doctor may call quackery. After following Scott for so long, I thought I’d experiment with it and I am happy I did. Read this if you are unfamiliar with energetic testing.

The worst that can happen is that it will do nothing. And this is a fantastic side effect considering some of the worst side effects of other meds are organ failure and death (sweet). Energetic testing is just one of many theoretical practices that works with frequencies and meridians like acupuncture, applied kinesiology, and rife machines. There are enough stories on the web about the perks of these therapies (whether placebo or not) and not a lot of downsides other than the unknown cost to results ratio.

Scott is also a big fan of the Biomat – a mat with amethyst sewn into it and infrared light. Crystals, like the above therapies, are theoretically and potentially healing because of their frequencies. It is costly and I would personally just buy a pretty amethyst necklace and infrared light, but this is it if you would like to check it out.


Second lesson: You can get off antibiotics

Antibiotics are hard on the liver… and gut… and immune system… and…antibiotics just suck. Scott uses Beyond Balance herbs. This is a good choice for anyone sensitive to alcohol based tinctures, as they are based in glycerine. These herbs are not just antimicrobial, but immune boosting.

Ozone therapy is also antimicrobial. It is something both Scott and I have tried. This was a breakthrough treatment for me and I have since gone off antimicrobials. Here is more info on how ozone works.


Third lesson: low dose naltrexone?

LDN is like an opiate, and is given to heroin addicts to ease the cravings. A lot of chronically ill patients are now using LDN (there is even a Facebook page dedicated to it). I have not tried it, but for many thousands of other alternative patients to resort to using a prescription drug I think it is worth investigating. Check out Chris Kresser’s latest article on LDN.

Update: Scott has now stopped using LDN but still thinks it will help some people.


Fourth lesson: watch your diet, and that includes the water you drink

Contaminants can enter our body from the water we drink. Scott also points out that shower water can be even more contaminated. Water filters can help remedy this but even filters can be sketchy.

Quick food tips from Scott: minimize allergies, gluten is usually best avoided, and pre- and probiotics can be helpful.

Fifth lesson: increase glutathione

I think Scott recommends this because living with Lyme disease can slow our metabolic pathways. On top of that, Lyme patients take a lot of meds that are hard on the liver, so glutathione and its precursors such as NAC can help sustain detoxification.

NOTE: I have an article about the benefits of glutathione as well as the dangers of excess glutathione here, if you are interested in or already incorporate this into your protocol. 

Sixth lesson: Sweat and move                 

So Scott uses a vibration machine, which is a great way to move your body without exerting yourself. This can help get your lymph glands cleared and, like energetic medicine, it can open up your meridians. It’s expensive – but if you life in a city, you may be able to find a clinic that has one. They are reallllly effective and have helped me personally (but also very expensive to purchase).

Vibe Machine – Effective but Expensive!

He also uses saunas to sweat. I think the combo of these are great if you are really sick, but I hope you do get a little bit of exercise, even if it is for one hardcore minute a day. There are a lot of benefits you miss out on, like ATP production and muscle growth, when you let your body decondition.

Seventh lesson: Reduce stress. Seriously, chill the f**k out.

I hear a lot of victim stories. Then there are stories from people like Scott, not about the suffering, but about the solutions. Being sick is hard but it can toughen you up if you let it.

These are the 7 lessons from BetterHealthGuy that helped me the most. What about you?

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